GMF Business Solutions specializes in helping start-up companies quickly create easy-to-understand accounting, financial, human resources and IT systems as well as design and implement the organizational structure to help you succeed.

  • A vast majority of start-ups hire at least a bookkeeper. Not only can GMF Business Solutions provide exceptional bookkeeping services, we are experts in everything to do with accounting: controller services, full cycle bookkeeping, payroll, accounts receivables & payables.
  • Many start-ups, and other established businesses for that matter, are not operating in accordance with municipal, provincial and federal regulatory requirements. GMF Business Solutions helps start-up companies effectively navigate these difficult avenues of compliance. Establishing your company as the correct entity is also very important especially if you will ever try to attract investors or sell your company!
  • “Poor Execution” and “Undercapitalizing the Business” are two of the top 10 reasons Start-Ups fail.



GMF Business Solutions provides customized solutions to fit your company’s needs and budget. Please call us at 604-803-3792 or email us at to discover what we can do for you.